American women are a brave force of love to be reckoned with! 
[ Definition: A person or thing considered to be strong, powerful, or difficult to defeat ] 


For such a time as this, amid the current chaos in America, we believe women are being called to get involved, rise up to protect our families, our children, our safety, our freedoms, and our financial security, for both now and for future generations. We are rising up as ONE VOICE of a multitude of women that will make a difference!

Join us as we band together to show our strength as women who care for our hurting nation and help us raise up FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE again in this great country we call home... America the Beautiful!

W.F.F.A. is a safe place for women of all ages to speak out and be a solution in these important times.


Our goal is to encourage bravery in women today as we band together to be the strength of our country and families. This is a platform for voices in America to bridge the gap of divisiveness and confusion. To use our freedom of speech and restore truth and peace within our great land in these chaotic and confusing times. 

  • We can restore, protect and shape our nation’s future by elevating & promoting the truth about our Judeo-Christian founding roots of our government in America.

  • We can educate our children without bias.

  • We can protect our Constitution.

  • We can do something to reach out to hurting families and children in our communities to make a difference.

  • We can be a light in the darkness, bold advocates for what once were America's values and the American dream.

  • We will use our freedom of speech to restore peace within our great land . 


America was once a majestic, strong and powerful influence in the world. She was the place where dreams came true and men and women could chart their own destiny.  America was the place to be ... if you wanted to be free!


She still has influence but has been weakened by attacks on our morality, our freedoms, our culture, our security, our homes, our finances, our faiths and our freedoms.  Those attacks have come from countries outside America and from our own people within who have one goal:  Destroy America.


Women Fighting for America plans to change their plans.


The floating image of fine linen on our site represents righteousness, purity, light and redemption.  Fine linen was also once used as a form of currency in ancient Egypt. 


Our logo of Lady Liberty represents a coin from one of the earliest known examples of a soldier being rewarded a challenge coin for valor given special coins along with their daily pay to honor them for going over and above their normal call of duty.


America’s military still uses challenge coins to reward or honor their service members.  They are valued by members of the military and represent a special membership and bond with their fellow patriots.


Women Fighting for America will have our own challenge coin with our logo of Lady Liberty to signify honorable service to fight for our beloved homeland.   We are all busy and joining this fight will require going “over and beyond” your normal call of duty.  The coin has two sides – One with our tag line:  One Voice. One Light. One Truth. that we believe was divinely given us and is to signify the following strategies:


  • We will stand strong by joining the voices of all women, great and small, of all colors and backgrounds as One Voice


  • We will shine a light in our communities and join forces to help them and to expose those who challenge our freedoms. One Light


  • We will use wisdom and knowledge to educate our community and our loved ones with One Truth



Because there is only One Truth! The front side of the coin shows Lady Liberty – draped in fine linen – holding her lamp to light the way to America and her heart beats in the colors of red, white and blue.   We are passionate patriotic women and proud of it.



We are Americans ~ We are Women ~ We are Women Fighting for America!

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