Christie Hutcherson - FOUNDER

Mrs. Christie Hutcherson is the CEO/ Founder of Women Fighting for America LLC (WFFA). Christie is dedicated to defend America from its founding roots. Our focus is to educate, spread biblical truth, protect values and the constitution; to expose those seeking to undermine our sovereignty as a nation.


Christie has a strong passion for the betterment of women, the family, and the country. She feels a personal calling to be a bold and outspoken advocate for America and our Country’s current struggle for its soul and moral compass. Christie is dedicated to working to address those concerns and for the advancement of women’s issues. She is passionate about the key role that women hold historically and currently in protecting and shaping our nation’s future. Christie is compelled, as a Christian, to shine the light on the darkness that has fallen upon America. Her desire is to be a collective unity of One Voice, One Light, One Truth: as a mother, to fight for the education and futures of hers and our country’s children, as a professional woman, to advance women’s contributions/voice to the American dream, and as a wife, to advance and protect the family and the value it holds for American society.


Christie is also a member of The Heritage Foundation Presidents Circle as well as a member of the Family Research Council. These organizations are known for networking within America’s prominent political conservative think tanks and America’s prominent family advocacy associations. She is a member of the National Rifle Association and an avid supporter of the second amendment. She served as part of the Trump Presidential Campaign in Jacksonville as a volunteer, is on the Republican Party Executive Committee in Duval County, and was a Poll Watcher to ensure voting integrity. She was an organizer for Strong America Now in 2012-2013 for Florida and a supporter of the Tea Party of North Florida. 

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