How Can You get involved?

There are many ways, big or small, we all can get involved to start making a difference today!



I am interested in one or more areas: Check all that apply.


Celebrate a woman you know making a difference in her community.
If you know a woman brave enough to stand on her values and is doing something about it, however big or small, we want to hear about it!

Do you know a woman who is risking to stand up for her country that we should know about? Women such as law enforcement, firefighters, healthcare, etc. Or a woman in public service. Nominate her, we want to hear about it!


YOU are the trusted, real-time media. We women are the ears, eyes, and feet-on-the-street. In order to protect our families, our freedoms, and defend our Constitution, we need to hear the REAL ORGANIC NEWS from women on the streets. Send us your videos and social media posts!

Our ultimate voice is critical to the future of America! Find the Voter Registration Deadline in your State, REGISTER and VOTE!

We need all of our VOTES!
Let's not give up our ultimate power as woman in America!

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