Maureen Cowley 

Maureen is a Co-Founder of Women Fighting for America, and The Director of Deployment, for The Higher View. 


She is a Certified Life and Executive Leadership Coach, and Business Consultant. Her coaching skills empower, encourage, motivate and mentor, using proven coaching methodologies, designed to identify self-limiting beliefs and roadblocks to success, set goals and create accountability that improve performance.


Maureen, and her husband Randy, have owned Multiple Marine Sales and Service Dealerships, in strategic locations nationwide, featuring New Yacht Sales, Builds and Brokerage.


She has built and managed cross-functioning sales teams, and managed high-end design projects.  Her corporate experience, surpassing 15 years, includes Organizational Development, and Training, Talent Management and Recruitment and Customer Service Excellence in the Airline, Healthcare and Retail Industries.


Maureen is passionate about Prophetic Destiny, including Americas;’ and, loves to help people discover and unlock their divine purpose.


Someone refined by the crucible of fire said, “The womb of pain is the birthplace of destiny!”  That is where mine has been birthed!


I know that I have a legacy to leave for my creator, my family and my nation! That’s why I am a “Woman Fighting for America.”  And, I am committed to helping women to find their voice and the courage to use it for the destiny of America, and the nations of the world!


She sets her heart upon a nation and takes it as her own, carrying it within her.  Proverbs 31:16


One Voice One Light One Truth

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