W.F.F.A. kicked off the Heal Our Land Tour on Sat, Aug 29, 2020 in Jacksonville, FL,  then embarked on a nationwide bus tour across America through several states with the final stop in Washington, DC on Nov 1.

The tour will gather communities together to enjoy our diversity, and celebrate unity for the healing of our land.


Don’t miss the Women Fighting for America, “Heal Our Land” Rally in a town near you. Hear from the founders and others about the what’s important today to defend America’s Constitutional freedoms and traditional values. The Heal Our Land Rally is a nationwide grassroots movement to save the America we love as they take their message on the road and meet with the women of America face-to-face in cities across the nation – speaking to the “real America."


The Heal Our Land Tour will bring a message of healing to our country in the midst of the current chaos and divisiveness. We invite women and men to come out to the rallies. A complete schedule of dates and locations is below. 

Hear about the monumental issues and the culture war facing our nation right now, and the crucial importance of getting involved.

We need support to help heal our land!

100% of your gift will go to the cost of the tour and is tax deductible.

Please give - we appreciate every donation!

If sending a check please send to:

11250 Old St. Augustine Rd
Ste 15-207

Jacksonville, FL 32257 

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