Michelle Swenson - Co-Founder

Michelle is an entrepreneur, business owner and CEO of a marketing agency in Silicon Valley, serving some of the world's largest technology companies. 

A woman entrepreneur since 2000, her agency has provided business consulting and marketing agency services, executive communications, and digital media for leading high-tech corporations and Hollywood movie producers. 


As a teenage mother, married at 14 yrs old by the approval of a supreme court judge in Los Angeles, she was married for 15 yrs, to the father of her 3 sons. Considered a rebel at the time, 40 yrs ago, Michelle took her sons out of public school and moved to a remote valley in Hawaii to farm and homeschool. At the time only missionaries homeschooled their kids. She and her family lived on a 20 acre taro farm, raised an orphan horse name Makana, a wild pig named Hammer, and 2 goats named Nan and Jan who kept the grass mowed. She cooked all her meals by scratch and bathed in the streams and lived happily off the grid for 4 ½ yrs with no running water or electricity.

Michelle became a single mom, left Hawaii, and raised her boys alone for 20 years while working as a professional in the corporate world. She traveled all over the world for business, owned two homes of her own, all while mentoring other women in ministry. She is now happily married to her soulmate and is giving back through a non-profit business and W.F.F.A.. Michelle is a shining example of exceling against every force that has sought to bring her down and every attempt to destroy her.  Her stories are riveting, igniting hope and inspiration. Michelle's strong FAITH in God, her never-ending HOPE for the future, and the greatest one, LOVE! The love for her great country provided her the life of freedom and opportunity that helped her rise above hardship and truly live the great American dream!

She now dedicates her life to giving back, helping women of all ages overcome life's obstacles, and making the future better for generations to come. 

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